Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York
by Daniel Finkelstein and Lucas A. Ferrara

...New York attorneys and judges notice.
They praise it...
"Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York is a serious reference work for the L&T practitioner. It is thoughtfully organized and liberally supplemented with references to leading cases, forms and practice pointers. The authors are to be congratulated for bringing order to a bewildering array of statutory and regulatory material."

Hon. Israel Rubin, associate justice, Appellate Division, First Department, in New York State Bar Journal, November 1998

"The chapter [Bankruptcy Implications] is replete with outstanding landmark citations as well as forms essential to proper bankruptcy practice. As a bankruptcy judge, I highly recommend it as an invaluable source and guide to the bankruptcy bench and those who come into the bankruptcy court."

Hon. Conrad B. Duberstein, chief bankruptcy judge, Eastern District of New York

"...exceeds all my criteria for a law book worth owning. It covers the subject thoroughly: commercial and residential property, landlord and tenant perspectives, substantive and procedural issues, preventive and corrective measures and state and federal law. It's savvy about day-to-day problems, totally current and organized so I can find what I need in just a few minutes."

Richard S. Fischbein, Fischbein, Badillo, Wagner & Harding, New York City

They honor its authors...
The Civil Court Practice section of the New York County Lawyers' Association (NYCLA) presented its 1999 Special Award for Scholarship to Daniel Finkelstein and Lucas A. Ferrara in recognition of the publication of Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York and their continuing efforts to educate lawyers and members of the real estate profession.

and, most importantly, they use it...
"...A day doesn't go by without one of the attorneys asking to use the set. In fact, we retain Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York in the reference collection because it is to heavily used, both by the members and the staff."

Alison Alifano, Director of Library Services, NYCLA

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